L1P1 Workbook Sheet


wk one
practice writing characters - fives times each 我,你,他,她,很,好,也,呢.
practice pinyin
practice dialogue 1: basic greetings

Culture Project Assignment:
1.Ethnic groups – Michelle`
2.Traditional medicine - Caty
3.Martial arts – Ross and Shane
4.Cuisine – Landry Palladio
5.Beijing Opera -
6.Painting and writing – Harrison and Sam
7.Modern music/songs – John and Jared
8.Fashion –Petra and Roman
9.Holidays – Alex
10. Major cities - Max

The following are supplemental materials.

1.1 - Play one-line game and practice Chinese

wk two
practice writing characters - 贵,姓,叫,什么,名字,,中国,中国人,美国,美国人,住在,老师,学生,吗
practice dialogue 1: basic greetings, nationality, where do you live, occupation.

1.2 - Project:

1.3 - Please review the following vocabulary

wk three
1.4 - Review Lesson One Grammars

1.5 - Watch the video - Self Introduction (1)

1.6 - watch the video - Self Introduction (2)

wk four
1.7 - watch the video - Lesson 1

  • character sheet (guo2, mei3, zhong1, jia1, na2, chao2, xian3)
  • make flashcards of pronouns, country names,
  • finish Countries and Nationalities assignment on Voicethread

wk five
Greetings 1 Vocabulary (password: Beijing)
  • characters
  • use colors to create sentences
  • use animals and colors to create sentences
wk six
Prepare lesson One Test
My family poster and presentation

wk seven
watch the video - Lesson 2

Lab assignment

wk eight

  • "My Family" Practice Packet
  • Family Photo writing
wk nine
Family Photo presentation
Packet Page 15