2016 Trimester Three

  • Review L4P1 Vocabulary (flashcards)
  • L4P1 dialogue fill in blanks

  • Flashcards (Lesson 3 Grammar Notes) - Due on April 14th.

  • Lesson 3 Workbook

Writing Assignment -

Review project:

You need to create a Workbook Packet. In the packet you need to include the knowledge we have learned from both CHI 1A and CHI 1B. Use the following instruction as guidelines. Please make sure to cover all the vocabulary we have learned. You need to use at TEN different Questions Types. You need to use sentences and paragraphs in your project. Use your lesson workbook and class worksheet as references.

Project Due on may 31st.
The following samples are from Derby 6th grade student. You should only use this as template reference. You need to follow the project Guideline in terms of content and styles.
This are grade B projects. They did not include different kinds of activities,