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Summer Preview

In the Lab - Poem Project

Student Sample Projects

wk one

在 worksheet

很 worksheet
L5P1 characters writing

wk two
L5P1 workbook packet
Question Forms

Vocabulary Review - Quizlet
Lesson 5

wk three
L5P1 listening comprehension worksheet
practice role-play dialogue
Lesson 5 Part 1 Workbook Packet

wk four
L5P2 Workbook packet
wk five
L5P2 Workbook packet listening
grammar"cai" worksheet
grammar"le" worksheet
Online Practice for Lesson Five
wk six

Student Sample Projects

wk seven
Prepare Lesson Five Test
Review Lesson Five

wk eight
Lesson 6
  • Lesson Six Part 1 Grammar Pattern Drill packet (Please translate the sentences. Make sure that you can read the sentences.)
  • Please listen to the audio, practice reading Lesson 6 Dialogue 1. You need to practice at least 3 times a day during this weekend. Read the character version.
  • Copy Lesson 6 Dialogue 1 on paper. You only need to write the characters. Please write the characters correctly, neatly.
  • 要是sheet (Please connect the sentences, and then translate the sentences into English)
  • 因为...所以...sheet (Please connect the sentences, and then translate the sentences into English)

wk nine

Lesson Six Work Book Packet Answer Keys

wk ten

wk eleven

Lesson 7

Peking Opera Mask Project

Lesson Instruction:

Peking Opera Mask Project:

PPT Rubric

The following is for 2012 class
Flyer Project
  1. The Project Guidelines
  2. Use www,nciku.com to sear for the words
  3. Use the link to register your Dropbox account,use this Dropbox link
  4. the flyers