Assignment 1 - Turn in your Project.

Assignment 2 - Final Writing

Comment on how you drive, and how you drive on the highway. If you don’t drive, comment on people drive and the public transportation in your city. Use the vocabulary and grammar from Lesson 10. (6-7 complete sentences.)

Assignment 3 - Complete you Final Study Guide

Assignment 4 - Practice final speaking assessment


Continue to work on L10P1 Transportation Assignment.

vocabulary quiz at 1pm

Lesson 10 Part 1 Practice Test - If the school is closed tomorrow, PLEASE finish the practice test at home.



Continue to work on L10P1 Transportation Assignment.

Prepare for vocabulary quiz.


L10P1 Transportation Assignment (100 points)

You are currently living in Beijing. You want to invite your friend who is in Michigan, to come to visit you during his or her mid winter break. You purchased the plane ticket for your friend.
  • You need to write an email/letter to your friend to invite him/her to visit you. (10 points)
  • You need to tell your friend that you purchased the ticket, also inform your friend the date and time of the flight. (10 points)
  • You need to tell your friend that when your friend gets to Beijing airport, you cannot go to pick him/her up because you have to go to school on that day. You will ask your friend to take a taxi to get closer to the center of the city, and then take bus/subway to your house. Please clarify what bus number or subway line that your friend needs to take; also clarify where to get off the bus/subway. (10 points)
  • Give directions to your friend where to go after he/she gets off the bus/subway. (10 points)
  • In this assignment, you need to use the vocabulary/grammar we learned from Lesson 10 part 1, such as: 寒假,飞机, ,….….最后….; 以前/以后…..的时候; the types of transportation etc. (10 points)
  • In this assignment, you need you provide a self-drawn map to your house once your friend gets to the center of the city. (10 points)
You will be presenting this to the class on February 26th, 2016. Please consider that when you present this to your audience, the audience can see or hear the information clearly, (20 points) and your audience can use the information/direction/map to find your place in Beijing. (20 points)
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Assignment 2 -
Assignment 3 -

Assignment 1 - Complete and submit project
Assignment 2 - Complete the two reading assignments
Assignment 3 - Complete L9P2 Practice Test
Assignment 1 - Lesson 9 Part 2 grammar A
Lesson 9 Part 1 Practice Test
12/08/2015 - 12/11/2015
Assignment 1 -
Assignment 2 -
Assignment 3 - Complete your Workbook Grammar and Reading Comprehension Section Exercise
Assignment 4 - Writing
Write a passage of at least 7 sentences about two of your favorite clothes, which can be pants, shirts, or shoes. Please use all the words given below:
号, 贵, 便宜, 一共, 块, 毛, 分, 跟...一样, 合适, 虽然...但是