CLEAR Conversation 对话
  1. Greetings - s 问候
  2. Greetings & Occupation - d 国籍与职业
  3. Family - s 家庭
  4. Family & Nationalities - d 家庭与国籍
  5. Nationalities, Occupations & Family - d 国籍,职业与家人
  6. Time and Dates 时间
  7. Hobbies 爱好
  8. Visiting Friends - s 看朋友
  9. Making Appointments - d 约会
  10. School Grade - d 学校年级


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Assignment: Lesson Five Vocabulary


09/27 and 09/28 Assignment
10/05 Listening Assignment for Lesson FIve Part One
Lesson Five DIalogue One (A)

Lesson Five Workbook Dialogue One (B)

Lesson Five Workbook Dialogue Two (C)

Lesson Five Workbook Dialogue Three (D)

10/18 Grammar and Dialogue Speech Exercise
  • Go to Voicethread, work on L5 Grammar. You need to record your voice of the grammaar sentences. (For the last two slides, you need creat qestions for the privided answers, and answer questions if the questions were provided.)
  • Go to Voicethread L5 Dialogue, follow the instructions.
  • Watch China

If there are characters that you don't know, use the link to find out all the information.

10/26 Lab Assignment
  • Continue and finish 10/18 assignments
  • Listening Exercise - you need to listen to the audio recording, write down the passage/dialogue in Chinese characters, and then translate it into English.

10/31 Assignemnt
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  • 2nd hour students, use this Dropbox link.